Replacement for Stihl AUTOCUT 25-2 Bumpfeed Line Trimmer Head/Brushcutter Head

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Perfect for residential or commercial applications.
Fits For STIHL Strimmer FS120 FS250

Thread fitting: M10 x 1.0 Left hand

This trimmer head suits the following Stihl models: FR106, FR108, FS44, FS44J, FS44R, FS50,FS50E, FS50F, FS51, FS51AVE, FS52, FS52AVE, FS52AVRE, FS55, FS55R, FS56, FS56AVRE, FS60, FS61, FS61AE, FS61E, FS62, FS65, FS65AVE, FS65AVRE, FS66, FS62AVE, FS62AVRE, FS66AVE, FS66AVRE, FS74, FS74AVE, FS74AVRE, FS76, FS76AVE,FS76AVRE, FS80E, FS80RE FS81, FS81AVE, FS81AVRE, FS83, FS83R, FS85, FS85R, FS85RT, FS86, FS88, FS90, FS90AVE, FS91, FS106AVE, FS86, FS86AVE, FS86AVRE, FS96, FS106, FS108, FS110, FS110R, FS120, FS120R, FS130, FS130R, FS350,FS450K, FS550 and FS550K.